Even Better Now Detoxifying Bentonite Clay removes all toxic metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic.

100% Pure Bentonite Clay

EBN™ Bentonite Clay has no added ingredients.  This is a 100% pure and natural product.

Pharmaceutical Grade

EBN™ Bentonite Clay is a USP purified bentonite clay that is pharmaceutical grade; this means it is suitable for cosmetic and spa (bathing) purposes.

Large 5 lb. economy size!

Only $48.50 plus shipping


At the present time, other manufacturers of clays for bathing are not using pharmaceutical grade clay; however, our supplier was only able to sell us the pharmaceutical grade for bathing purposes based on his industry’s regulations.

According to Ralph Spindler, the research and development scientist for a leading clay manufacturer, all clays typically contain impurities, usually bacteria and molds; therefore when bathing in unpurified clay, it is possible that what people think of as “detox reactions” may actually be reactions to impurities in the clay itself.


EBN™ Bentonite Clay contains no spices, herbs, excipients or fillers which sometimes cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.  Since this clay can draw out all toxic metals and chemicals, special formulas are not needed.

100% Guaranteed Free of Bacteria, Viruses, Molds or Yeast

EBN™ Bentonite Clay is guaranteed to be free of bacteria, viruses, molds and yeast.  No other bathing clay on the market makes this claim.  It is important to find  “purified” clay for bathing, and this is especially true if you are sensitive to molds or yeast, or have a weakened immune system.

High CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

EBN™ Bentonite Clay has the highest cation exchange capacity, or negative ionic surface charge, of any clay we have sold (a “98-107 meq per 100g ” on the CEC scale).  This means that it has a superior “pulling action” for drawing toxins out through the pores of the skin.

Mixing EBN™ Bentonite Clay with very warm water creates a high negative ionic surface charge, which draws any “positively charged” particles, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, pesticides, insecticides, food additives, nicotine, and any inorganic residues through the pores of the skin.  The toxins are drawn out electro-magnetically.

Disperses Easily in Water

Unlike most bentonite clays, EBN™ Bentonite Clay disperses easily in water, with minimal clumping.  This is highly desirable, since there is little mixing required and the clay does not adhere to the skin the same way other bathing clays do.

EBN™ Clay Baths may be more effective than a “clumping” clay since it has a bigger exposure of its surface area to toxins.  With the clay possessing both drawing and absorbing capacity, its detoxifying properties are exceptionally high.

Easy  Clean-Up

Unlike other bathing clays, this clay can be safely rinsed down the drain.  No special cleaning agents are required.

5.0 lbs (14 cups of clay) – Good for 7-14 baths

Customer Feedback using EBN™ (Evenbetternow) Clay Baths
“I want to tell you about the great outcome I have had using the Evenbetternow™ bentonite clay for removing mercury and lead.After using DMSA for 3 months without much success (due to stomach problems), my naturopath told me he couldn’t help me. So I went on the Internet and found your website. I have now been using the clay for a little over a year and I was recently tested. My urine test showed that I have no more mercury in my body. I still have some lead. Most of my symptoms have disappeared or are greatly diminished. Some of my symptoms were: anxiety attacks, dry mouth, insomnia, chronic fatigue, chronic inflamed sinuses, yeast overgrowth, low thyroid (no more Armour’s thyroid after the second clay foot bath). I can now sleep and I have energy throughout the day. What a difference.I only do footbaths and I do them every three or four days. The stuff that comes out is black and dark gray. Sometimes a gray cottage cheese-like stuff is at the bottom of the container I soak in. I am told that this is yeast.The clay is easy to mix and I flush it down the toilet. Thanks for selling this wonderful clay.”- Joan B., Meriden, CT“After living next to a chemical plant, and being ill for many years, I tried your Evenbetternow™ clay and Bio-Chelat™. The Bio-Chelat gives me immediate relief from my symptoms, and the clay baths really help me feel much better. Thank you, your products have given me some relief, and I have ordered some more.”- John P., Rochester, NY


EBN™ Detoxifying Clay Bath FAQ’s

The safest and easiest way to chelate your body
of heavy metals and chemicals

How does it work?

When you mix this clay with water, it creates a large negatively charged surface area. When the body is in a tub of warm water, the warm water opens up the pores of the skin, and the positively charged toxic particles are drawn through the pores of the skin, to be absorbed by the clay.

Most chemical and metal toxins have a postive charge, whereas the clay has a negative charge. Thus, the toxins cannot resist being drawn towards the clay. Bentonite clay has a great capacity for absorbing many times its own weight in toxins. In other words, clay baths have been shown to literally pull pollutants out through the skin, getting rid of many months and years of toxic accumulations.

Please Note: When you prepare a clay bath you are mixing only a small portion of clay (usually 1 to 2 cups) with water, which gives the bath water a “muddy” look. A common misconception is that the clay bath is thick and gooey. It is not, and it can easily be flushed down the tub drain if you follow the instructions provided.

Each jar contains 5 lbs. (14 cups) of clay, good for 7-14 baths.

How does EBN™ clay differ from other clays on the market?

EBN™ Clay is the only bathing clay on the market that is “pharmaceutical” grade.  This means it is guaranteed to be free of toxic bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mold.  Only pharmaceutical grade clays can make this claim.  According to the scientists of a leading bentonite manufacturing company, all bentonite clays naturally contain a number of impurities, including bacteria and yeasts.

Although non-pharmaceutical grade clay is fine for bathing for adults, we felt that a  purified clay was best for the health and safety of children.

EBN™ clay is also very easy to mix in with the tub water, with no clumping, and flushes down the drain without any special type of cleanup required.

How do Clay Baths Compare to Other Detoxification or Chelation Therapies?

The primary treatment for most heavy metals is chelation therapy. Chelating agents are substances that go through the body to attract and bind heavy metals. The toxins are then excreted. Chelating agents are given either in pill form, intravenously, by suppository, or topically in the form of a cream. It usually takes many months or even years of chelation therapy to remove toxic metals, and treatments can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Chelating agents are generally classified in two different forms: Chemical chelators such as DMPS and DMSA ; and natural chelators, such as combinations of herbs, amino acids and other supplements.

The chemical chelators used by the medical profession such as DMPS and DMSA are drugs, and hence they have side effects, sometimes severe ones. Though chelation therapy with DMPS and DMSA has generally been considered to be safe for most people, information has surfaced that suggests that these substances may not be as benign as once believed.


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